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We at Puerh Cha are proud to serve you with our unique range of Pu-erh teas. Our limited selection offers the best high quality Pu-erh teas for your enjoyment. We do not play the numbers game by trying to impress you with 50 or 100 mediocre products. Each of our tea is meticulously selected from literally hundreds of tea samples (from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan) then thoroughly and expertly tested to ensure authenticity and the highest quality. Each product is an artisan creation in its own right. We are committed towards providing you with an exceptional experience that you can savor.

Browse around and spend some time with us. In addition to our wonderful tea selection we place great emphasis on providing understanding and knowledge on this wonderful yet mysterious tea. If you are a Pu-erh tea lover, there is definitely something here for you!


Varat Phong.
Founder of Puerh Cha
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